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Our Mission: Growing Tennis, Growing Fitness!

tennisbuddys, LLC is founded by Coach Aruna C Bernier in 2004. Click Here to view Coach Aruna's credentials.
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tennisbuddys,LLC is based on coach Aruna's love for tennis, love for teaching, 16 yrs.of professional tennis coaching experience, PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) certification through Van der Meer Tennis Academy, and more! Coach Aruna was National #1 in her country Nepal and participated in the ITF tournaments around the world and then came to the US and played varsity tennis at Luther college. Today she still plays competitive tennis in the USTA womens tennis league 4.5 starting this fall and WTTA. Coach Aruna and her team will be competing in Nationals on October, 2015 in Palm Springs, California. Her son plays competitively in the 14 under Super Champs and will be participating in his very first ITF junior tennis tournament in September, 2015.

NEWS: Coach Aruna is going to compete in NATIONALS with her Wilco Breakers tennis team! They won the Sectionals on September 20th, 2015 and just made it to Nationals! The team will be playing at 4.5 USTA tennis league starting now!

Starting tennisbuddys,LLC as a mother of a 3 year old in 2004, added a new perspective and enhanced the instructor's coaching skills's to a new level. What does it take to teach young children? This as well as taking junior's from beginner levesl to high school, Zat,Champ, Superchamp levles with a lot of creativity, understanding, fun,discipline, well organized and structured teaching environment for young children to be able to grow with the biggest emphasis on sportsmanship!

Registration and payment deadline date: Each month by the 25th, all registrations and payments must be sent for the next 1 month or 3 months of group tennis lessons! $15 late fee must be included for anything postmarked after the 25th!

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TIA (Tennis Industry Association) recognizes "tennisbuddys" as,"An Official Cardio Tennis Site". Cardio Tennis is a new, fun, group activity featuring high intensity drills to give players of all abilities an ultimate, high-energy workout.

(What is Cardio Tennis? CLICK HERE to find out more!)

If you want to read coach Aruna's blog pages from her Nepal earthquake relief trip from June 12th-July 14th, 2015, please go to www.arunasnepalrelief.org

When you expose and encourage yourself and your children to any sport, it is mentally and physically beneficial in life.
When you enjoy that sport you've found a new passion in life.
When one chooses to take it to the next level and get competitive, the choice should be yours and yours alone!
In the process who knows we may even have some future stars born in our neighborhood tennis courts.

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Quality tennis and high coaching standard is key to learning tennis successfully with the right coach and right tennis program.
We, at tennisbuddys make sure that each student is constantly learning and improving and we review and correct their "form" very meticulously, as this is the main foundation to good tennis.

We also have high standards on teaching proper tennis etiquette, and sportsmanship, which is the key to building character and determination, both important on and off the court. We motivate and boost confidence in children off all ages, starting from very young, by educating them that there is always a winner and a loser, but both teaches one very good lessons if we learn cope with both gracefully and strive to do our best. A very tough but valuable lesson in life.

Coach Aruna teaches all her classes by herself ensuring every student get's attention they need and making sure they are constantly progressing.
Her main emphasis: have fun learning, with good work ethic and great sportsmanship!